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Warming Trends Original Crossfire Burners CFB



The patented technology behind our CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner uses a specific air-to-gas ratio at the point of combustion to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame that resembles a natural, wood burning fire. We call this the Venturi Effect. Venturi Jet Technology generates high velocity gas flow and pulls more oxygen into the jet chamber – feeding the combination into the flame at the point of combustion. This causes the gas and oxygen mixture to shoot out of the jet at a high velocity as a super-charged flame, like water out of a fire hose.

Other custom size/shape options available - Call for pricing & availability.

It is recommended that the burner be 4” from edge of Fire Pit or 8” overall, Fire Bowl or any Fire Feature.



Model Dimensions BTU's Inlet
CFB60 7 1/2”L x 7 1/2”D 60,000 1/2”
CFB84 7 1/2”L x 7 1/2”D 84,000 1/2”
CFB120 13”L x 13”D 120,000 1/2”
CFB180 17”L x 15”D 180,000 1/2”
CFB240 21 1/2”L x 19 1/2”D 240,000 1/2”
CFB290 21 ½”L x 21 ½”D 290,000 1/2”
CFB300 30 1/2”L x 30 1/2”D 300,000 3/4”
CFB350 30 1/2”L x 30 1/2”D 350,000 3/4”
CFB450 46”L x 46” D 450,000 3/4”



3412REDUCER- Reducer ¾” to ½” (For use connecting burners with 1/2” inlet to plates and pans with 3/4” inlet)

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