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Warming Trends Ignition Kits



Light your fire feature with the simplicity of a match or choose a fully automatic ignition system.


MATCH LIT IGNITION- All CROSSFIRE Brass Burners come standard as a manual Match Lit System. Light a match and turn the key valve to ignite your fire feature's burner.

FK1- (Includes: 36L x 3/4 Diameter Whistle Free Flex Line; 3/4 Connector; 3/4 Key Valve; 12 & 3 Key)

FK2- (Includes: (2) 36L x 3/4 Whistle Free Flex Lines, 3/4-1/2 Reducing Nipple, (2) 3/4 T Fittings, (2) 3L x 3/4 Pipe Nipple, 3/4 Key Valve, and 12 & 3 Key)

FP.EXT- 12 Adjustable Key Valve Extension with 1/2 Banded Coupling


PUSH BUTTON IGNITION- Turn the key to the 'on' position and push the button to ignite your burner.

PBMBRFK1- (Includes Match Lit Ignition FK1 & Paver Block Mounting Bracket)

PBMBRFK2- (Includes Match Lit Ignition FK2 & Paver Block Mounting Bracket)

PBIK- (Spark Igniter rod, wire, and Push Button Operated Control Module)

PBIK-PBMBR- (for easy mounting of your PBIK into your paver kit)

PBMBR- Paver Block Mounting Bracket


ELECTRONIC IGNITION- 24 Volt Hot Surface Ignition Standard Capacity supplies up to 290K BTUs. High Capacity supplies up to 512K BTUs. Includes step down transformer for use with 24 Volt/110 Volt Supply.

Does NOT include wall switch and remote. Remote control options available.

*(Requires Match Light Kit to complete)

*P24VIK-SCCG- (NG or LP) Standard Capacity Electronic Ignition Kit

*P24VIK-HCCG- (NG or LP) High Capacity Electronic Ignition Kit 



Ignition Model BTU's
Match Light FK1 up to 249,000
Match Light FK2 250,000+
Push Button PBMBRFK1 up to 249,000
Push Button PBMBRFK2 250,000+
Electronic P24VIK-SCCG 290,000 Max
Electronic P24VIK-HCCG 512,000 Max



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