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Grand Canyon - Arizona Weathered Oak Charred 42 (12 LOGS ONLY) - AWOC42LOGS



The Grand Canyon Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Gas Logs Only By Grand Canyon provides an ultra-realistic gas log set for use with your favorite vented fire feature as part of the perfect living space. The Arizona Weathered Oak Charred logs are cast from real logs found in real landscapes, then hand-painted to highlight the most beautiful aspects of this species of wood. This specific log set is formed from a lightning-struck scrub oak tree that was previously discovered, and rediscovered years later in the same exact condition. The logs have been backpacked in order to help create amazing living spaces and there is one extra step - Grand Canyon craftsmen notch the front log which allows the fire to burn through, creating a charred visual.

The Weathered Oak logs are compatible with indoor or outdoor fire features and can be paired with the Grand Canyon 2 Burner system only (stainless steel burner for outdoor environments). Each of the (5) different size options contain their own unique cast logs and provide a stunning visual for your new indoor or outdoor living area. Bring new life to your home with help from Grand Canyon.


  • Heavy Duty Construction - Refractory cement gas logs are reinforced with steel fiber for unmatched durability and longevity
  • Hand Painted - Hand-finished with care to ensure the most realistic logs the industry has to offer
  • Vented Unit - Designed for vented fireplace enclosures only, and must be used with a damper clamp
  • Fuel Efficiency - Refractory construction helps increase efficiency to lower operation costs
  • Gas Logs Only - Burner system not included
  • Versatility - Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Burner Compatibility - Grand Canyon 2 Burner System


Grand Canyon Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Gas Logs
Model # Set Size Use with Burner Number of Pieces Weight (LB)
AWOC18LOGS 18-Inch 2 Burner System 7 45
AWOC24LOGS 24-Inch 2 Burner System 8 72
AWOC30LOGS 30-Inch 2 Burner System 9 115
AWOC36LOGS 36-Inch 2 Burner System 10 146
AWOC42LOGS 42-Inch 2 Burner System 12 205

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