ClickCease Dimplex 1800W Indoor/Outdoor IR Heater DIR18A10GR
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Dimplex 1800W Indoor/Outdoor IR Heater DIR18A10GR


The precision-engineered Ceramic Glass Infrared Heater provides premium performance that heats as beautifully as it looks. Schott Nextrema® ceramic tinted glass combines high-temperature, thermal shock and chemical resistance, excellent infrared transmission, non-porous surface and attractive design. And with full heating power available in under 8 seconds, you can go from cold to comfortable with a quick touch of the remote control.

Product Details

Finish: Nextrema Schott glass

Volts: 240

Wattage: 1800



 Construction: Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

H 6 34 in x W 35 12 in x D 3 in

Key Features and Benefits

IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor applications

Each heater comes with the element pre-installed, which eases in installation and reduces the risk of damaged, broken or misplaced elements upon delivery

Nextrema Schott glass ensures even heat distribution and minimizes light emissions

Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum makes this product suitable for all climates

3 heat settings for maximum comfort

Programmable timer and remote control for ease of operation

240V hard-wired installation provides up to 2200 watts of powerful heating

Product Documents

DIR Series Infrared Heaters Owner's Manual

DIR Series Consumer Sell Sheet

2020-2021 Electric Heat Catalogue

2020 TradePro Catalogue - Core Comfort


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