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Sierra Flames

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Sierra Flames

Sierra Flame fireplaces

The Sierra Flame and Amantii brands are the culmination of nearly four decades of experience in the fireplace and heating industry. As global companies, Sierra Flame and Amantii have a proven record of sales in USA, Canada & Europe and continue to source  cutting edge products from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.  Sierra Flame and Amantii are at the pinnacle of electric fireplace design.

All Sierra Flame gas and electric fireplaces are designed and manufactured with the highest quality parts and material available, from the smallest component to the 18-20 gauge body and stainless steel burner. All of our fireplace units are thoroughly inspected and go through a series of tests to ensure a safe and high quality product. All burners and valve assembles are leak tested and test fired at a quality control test station. Our fireplaces are designed for ease of installation and servicing.  We focus on keeping the styles and designs  fresh and current.

Our fireplaces feature a realistic and exceptionally large flame that sets us apart from our competitors. Our standard fireplace units include upgrades that would be costly add-ons with other suppliers like the remote control, quality fire glass media and decorative rock set. We offer a finely tuned selection of modern looking fireplaces — focusing on quality not quantity and hope that you choose a Sierra Flame fireplace to enjoy for years to come!



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