ClickCease Cadet Heaters by Dimplex
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Cadet Heaters by Dimplex

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Cadet Heaters by Dimplex


Cadet has made its home in the Pacific Northwest, where every one of our electric heaters is built, since 1957.

Our goal is to deliver warmth, comfort, and energy savings to every Cadet customer.

We strive for excellence.
We proactively seek innovation through better, smarter, and more efficient ways of building our products and partnering with our suppliers, and exceeding our customers’ expectations

We strive to do the right thing.
By always acting with compassionate integrity and honesty, we make decisions that put people first.

We strive for community well-being.
Whether near or far, we prioritize the important impact our products and actions have on our customers, partners, employees, community, and environment.


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