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Why Your Gas Fireplace Needs an Annual Inspection

Why Your Gas Fireplace Needs an Annual Inspection

There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a hot fireplace on a cold winter night, but it’s not a luxury everybody has in their home. With that said, many people are steering away from traditional wood-burning fireplaces and opting for gas-fueled units instead.

Although gas fireplaces come with much less maintenance than other unit types, they may still require some upkeep. Consider the reasons why your gas fireplace needs an annual inspection by a professional.

Debris Build Ups Can Lead To House Fires

Like traditional fireplaces, gas fireplaces get debris buildups if you don’t clean them frequently enough. With that said, you should clean your unit several times throughout the year, and not just once. If you don’t clean your fireplace or have annual inspections, these buildups can lead to unexpected and dangerous house fires. As with any fireplace, keeping your gas unit clean is the best way to prevent accidental fires in your home.

Gas Leaks Are Dangerous

It’s no secret that natural gas leaks are incredibly dangerous. A professional inspector will check your fireplace for leaks to ensure your family’s safety, and they may be able to repair it if they find an issue and have the tools they need on hand. Even though you may be able to sense a large leak, an inspector will be able to detect even the smallest ones.

Faux Logs Deteriorate

Many gas or other fireplaces have ceramic or faux logs to make the experience more authentic, but these logs don’t last forever. Believe it or not, many faux fire logs can crumble after spending so much time in the fire’s heat. Although this isn’t an immediate risk, replacing worn-out parts is always the safest option when it comes to your fireplace.

Ventilation Obstructions Are Harmful

Most gas fireplaces require some type of ventilation to remove toxins and other dangerous chemicals from your home; in fact, this is necessary for the fireplace to heat your house safely. However, rodents and other animals may create nests inside of your flue, which is the piece that allows the fireplace to vent the fumes. If anything obstructs the flue, your unit will not vent properly, and dangerous fumes and toxins may enter your home.

Now that you know why your gas fireplace needs an annual inspection, you can find a professional to inspect your fireplace. With Monessen fireplace systems, your home will be extra cozy for the cold winter season to come. Whether you spend more time in your living room or bedroom, a gas fireplace is an excellent way to add supplemental heat to the area.

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