ClickCease Tips for Choosing the Right Gas Fireplace Logs
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Tips for Choosing the Right Gas Fireplace Logs

Tips for Choosing the Right Gas Fireplace Logs

Whether you want to repurpose an existing fireplace or are interested in purchasing a gas fireplace, gas log options are probably more extensive than you think. While you might think nothing beats a wood-burning fire, gas logs are safer and mess-free. They even help improve your air quality. Peruse this list of tips for choosing the right gas fireplace logs to ensure you make the right choices.

Freestanding vs. Built-In Options

Unless you plan to build a new home or get an addition to your home, a traditional brick fireplace will be extremely pricey. However, a prefabricated fireplace is an excellent alternative for you. You need to think about what gas fireplace to get before thinking about logs. There are two different types to choose from: freestanding or built-in gas fireplaces.


Freestanding options are easy to assemble, and they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit any décor. Additionally, they’re lightweight and perfect for any room in your house.


Built-in options are very similar to traditional brick fireplaces. Therefore, they require a more extensive installation process. However, having the fireplace of your dreams is well worth the extra work.

Venting Options

Before looking for gas fireplaces for sale, you should choose the best ventilation option for you and your home. Generally, there are two different venting options when it comes to gas fireplaces: vented and ventless.

Vented log sets require a functioning wood-burning fireplace because the chimney works to push out the exhaust, excess heat, and combustion by-products. Vented systems have a more realistic-looking flame which is a nice bonus for those who prefer an authentic fire.

On the other hand, ventless systems require a fireplace approved for ventless combustion because they produce a hotter burn that delivers more heat.

Fuel Types

You can choose either natural gas or propane to fuel your gas log set. However, if you already have a natural gas line running to your home, you should use it. If not, you’re free to make a choice. A good rule of thumb is to use whatever your other appliances run on.

Cement or Ceramic Logs

Both of these materials can withstand high temperatures, but there are a few differences between them. Cement logs look more like natural wood, but they’re more prone to crack and don’t last as long as ceramic. However, while ceramic tends to last longer, it can exude an odor that may be unappealing.

With these tips for choosing the right gas fireplace longs, you should be able to select the best option for you. While you may not be able to have a traditional fireplace, a gas fireplace is an excellent alternative.

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