ClickCease Portable Outdoor Heaters: Radiant vs. Convection
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Portable Outdoor Heaters: Radiant vs. Convection

Portable Outdoor Heaters: Radiant vs. Convection

Two of the most common space heater types are radiant and convection. Although it can be challenging to decide which heater would work best for your household, choosing a heater that fits your space can make a massive difference. Explore radiant vs. convection portable outdoor heaters to select the best type for you.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters use infrared radiation to transfer heat directly to objects and people in the surrounding area. They don’t have any air current to move air, and they don’t heat the air in the room. A good example of radiant heat is sitting around a campfire: it warms the people around it, but not the air.

Radiant heaters are a good option for patios, garages, workshops, etc. If you need short-term heat for a specific space, check out Everything Fireplaces’ selection of bromic heaters for sale.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters provide indirect heat, meaning they heat the air in the room rather than the person or object. They work by taking in cold air, passing it through a heating element, and circulating warm air back into the room. Convection heating works best in enclosed spaces to prevent heat from escaping.

Convection heaters are the best option wherever you need a consistent, long-term heat source. For instance, your kitchen, living room, or enclosed patio space would benefit from a convection heater.

Energy Efficiency

Both radiant and convection heaters are energy-efficient to a certain extent. For example, radiant heaters are energy-efficient for shorter periods in small areas. While they don’t lose any energy and work immediately, they have a limited range, making them unsuitable for long-term heating.

On the other hand, convection heaters are suitable for long-term heating because of their vast range. Although you risk heat escaping, convection heaters are energy-efficient in more extensive areas for longer periods.

Understanding how radiant and convection portable outdoor heaters differ is imperative when deciding for yourself what will work best. First, evaluate the space you want to heat and how long you need to heat it.

Radiant heaters quickly heat people and objects within their range, while convection heaters slowly heat the air in the surrounding area. Whichever you choose, you can rest knowing that they’re both energy-efficient for their respective uses.

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