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Outdoor Heater vs. Outdoor Fireplace: Which Is Better?

Outdoor Heater vs. Outdoor Fireplace: Which Is Better?

Creating an outdoor hangout area on your property is an excellent way to make use of empty space. However, you may find yourself using the space only when the weather is warm enough. You can get more use out of it if you have an outdoor heating element. It allows for extended use of your porch or patio area. Follow along to find out whether an outdoor heater or fireplace is better for you.

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters are common choices for events and patio sections at restaurants because they’re able to heat large spaces quickly. Furthermore, they’re safe options if you have children or pets because they don’t have hot embers or flying sparks. Consider the pros and cons of having an outdoor heater before looking at bromic heaters for sale.

These are the pros of outdoor heaters:

  • Easy to move
  • Heats large areas
  • No embers or sparks
  • Low maintenance
  • Temperature control

These are the cons of outdoor heaters:

  • Cords can create trip hazards
  • Limited designs
  • Requires power source or fuel
  • Not a significant light source

Outdoor Fireplaces

Although you may think they’re the same as firepits, outdoor fireplaces are a step up. They require a more complex installation process, and the chimney helps direct smoke up and away from your patio area. When you have a fireplace, you can enjoy the authentic feel of a fire without the ashy mess. Take a look at the pros and cons of outdoor fireplaces.

These are the pros of outdoor fireplaces:

  • Many design options
  • Less mess than firepits
  • Provides ample warmth and light
  • Roasting marshmallows or hotdogs

These are the cons of outdoor fireplaces:

  • Less temperature control
  • Produces sparks, embers, and smoke
  • Requires a fuel source
  • Has open flames

Choosing the Best Option for You

As you can see, both outdoor fireplaces and heaters have many pros and cons. With that in mind, one isn’t better than the other, as they each have different purposes and advantages. Consider your family, intended use, and personal preferences before you decide which will work best for your household.

Deciding whether an outdoor fireplace or heater is better for you isn’t an easy task, but knowing the pros and cons of each is the best way to ensure the right choice. Whatever decision you make, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor hangout space when the sun goes down or the weather changes.

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