ClickCease Electric Fireplace Buying Guide: Here’s What To Look For
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Electric Fireplace Buying Guide: Here’s What To Look For

Electric Fireplace Buying Guide: Here’s What To Look For

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, efficient solution for heating your home? Look no further; an electric fireplace is a perfect option for you. Electric fireplaces are basically heaters that simulate traditional gas or wood-burning fires by projecting light onto a screen in a random sequence. Get ready to warm up by learning what to look for in an electric fireplace and the best practices for purchasing one for your home.

How Do They Work?

Electric fireplaces are technically heaters with a screen displaying imitation flames. Lights create these flames through projections of arbitrary patterns.

Additionally, the heaters within many electric fireplaces work separately from the flame display. This way, you can enjoy the aesthetic of the fire without the heat throughout the year.

Perks of Electric Fireplaces

The perks of installing an electric fireplace in your home are nearly endless, so here are a few to learn about initially:

Cost and Energy Efficiency

Electric fireplaces are usually less expensive than other types of fireplaces. They are almost completely energy-efficient and don’t require ventilation, meaning that there’s next to no loss of energy or heat escaping. Even if you spend quite a bit of money on the initial purchase, the low operating cost makes up for it.

On the contrary, a gas fireplace loses up to 30 percent of its heat through the vent, making it much less efficient for heating your home and costing you more in the long run.

Easy Installation and Maintenance-Free

Electric fireplaces are incredibly simple to install. Since no ventilation is necessary, they’re perfect for use anywhere with a power outlet. Just plug it in! On the other hand, you must install a gas fireplace on an exterior wall, and a gas line is a necessity.

An electric fireplace continuously brings warmth and flair to your home for many years down the road. There’s nothing you need to do to maintain it after installation. Simply dust it off occasionally, if anything.

Safe and Clean

Electric fireplaces create the same beautiful atmosphere as traditional fireplaces but without the mess. Additionally, they don’t cause any pollution or produce soot since there’s no physical burning. This is a huge perk for those with breathing issues such as asthma.

Another bonus is that they are safe for everyone, including pets and children, because they stay cool externally and don’t pose a risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Supplemental Heat Without the Cost

Electric fireplaces are an excellent source of extra heat for any room of your choosing. Since they turn all energy into heat, you’ll save substantially on your electric bill.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are a neat extra heat source for your family room, bedroom, dining room, office, or den. However, there are several different types to choose from. Learn which will work best for you and your household.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are great options for those who rent or live in apartments, as they don’t require any permanent installation, and you can easily take them with you when moving. You hang them up just like a picture frame or a shelf.

You can do the installation yourself, as no special skills are necessary. Be sure to follow the provided instructions, plug it into a standard power outlet, and enjoy your new fireplace.


Free-standing electric fireplaces are precisely what they sound like. They are available as TV or media stands, individual units, and even grill islands.

TV and media stands have a double purpose, and they’re perfect for saving space in your family room. Not only is it a stylish piece of furniture, but it’s also a warm and beautiful electric fireplace.

The individual free-standing units offer the same elements as a wall mount. However, they sit on the floor rather than hanging on the wall.

The grill islands are perfect for your patio. Many of them include an electric grill, a refrigerator, storage drawers, and a heating element to keep you warm while grilling your favorite meals.  


Several homeowners have old masonry fireplaces they have no use for as a result of the mess and soot they produce. Many people use electric fireplace inserts to transform current wood or gas fireplaces into electric fireplaces. Here are two types of inserts:

  • Traditional fireplace inserts are simply a light display and heating unit that you insert into your existing fireplace. Just make sure you find the correct size, plug it in, and enjoy.
  • Electric log sets are basically logs on a grate with a built-in heating element and a light that produces a flame effect inside of your existing fireplace.


Fireplace mantels have a straightforward setup process and offer a more permanent appearance for your fireplace! Just put the mantel together, insert the firebox, and plug it into a regular power outlet.

Some even work well as TV stands, and they come in many unique colors and styles to effortlessly complement your existing home décor. If you’ve always wanted a mantel to hang your family’s stockings from, this is a good option for you to consider.


Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding

Before deciding to purchase an electric fireplace, however, you should consider a few important questions. Here are a few of those questions and their potential answers.

  1. Where should you put the fireplace?
  • Family room
  • Bedroom
  • Outside
  1. What type of installation will work best?
  • Easy and portable
  • A more permanent solution
  1. Do you have a specific style in mind?
  • Color
  • Regular flame or a multi-color flame
  • Logs or glass crystals
  1. How big is the space? What size works best for the area?
  2. What is an ideal budget to purchase the fireplace?

Where To Look for Electric Fireplaces

Now that you know what to look for in an electric fireplace, you may want to find one to give your home some extra heat and flair. But if you want a good quality piece of furniture, don’t look just anywhere.

Believe it or not, it’s better and easier to shop for electric fireplaces online rather than in-store. Although you’ll find a few selections in a fireplace store, the possibilities are limited. To see a wide variety of electric fireplaces or find more tips for choosing the best option for you, visit Everything Fireplaces’ website.

Electric Fireplace Buying Guide: Here’s What To Look For
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