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4 Reasons To Install a Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

4 Reasons To Install a Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

Many older homes already have traditional masonry fireplaces, but homeowners often avoid using them due to the mess and smell. If this is you, there's another option. A fireplace insert provides heat with the look of a real fire. Explore the four reasons to install a wood-burning fireplace insert.

Increased Efficiency

While the typical efficiency of traditional fireplaces is only about 10 percent, a wood fireplace insert increases efficiency to about 70 percent. This significant jump results from wood-burning inserts' closed-door insulation, which produces a slow-burning fire that generates more heat.

The open combustion of old-fashioned fireplaces allows lots of air from the room to escape because it pulls it in rather than pushing air out. This results in a fast-burning fire which wastes more energy and provides less heat.

Design Choices

While old-fashioned fireplaces have a vintage and rustic charm, you don't have to sacrifice your chic design. Fireplace inserts come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to fit any vision or existing décor style. Upgrade your living room's design with Everything Fireplaces’ selection of stylish wood fireplace inserts for sale.

Emissions Reduction

An old-fashioned fireplace uses the available oxygen in the room as part of the reaction that produces fire and heat. However, this reaction is incomplete combustion that results in black smoke. Black smoke contains many particulates and releases gases that largely contribute to air pollution.

Low Maintenance

Because of the slow burn, a single load of wood typically lasts 8 hours, but it can even last up to 14 hours. You won't have to reload it as often, and your wood supply will last longer in turn. Additionally, a slower burn produces less ash and debris, which means you'll have less to clean up in the end.

Heating your home more efficiently is the biggest of the four reasons to install a wood-burning fireplace insert, but the benefits are plentiful. Reach out to our team at Everything Fireplaces for help with finding the right option for you!

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